SMD 500 mobile factory

14.400 $

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  3 m3/h


Model SMD 500
Stationary purpose Production of block, slabs, textured formwork
Mobile purpose Thermal insulation of the floors, walls, roofs,
attic, screed , backfilling
Capacity from 3 m3/h (depends on labors productivity)
Transporting the mixture to the place of laying
Vertically up to 10 meters
Horizontally up to 60 meters
Mixer working reservoir capacity 0,5 m3
Unloading hopper capacity 0,7 m3
Foam generator working air pressure up to 60 meters
Power consuption kW/h 380/220 3 kW/h
Unloaded weight, kg 500 kg
Line dimensions 1800*1500*1000 mm