SMD 1000 mobile factory

29.500 $

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  6 m3/h


Model LWC 200 – 2022
Stationary purpose Production of block, slabs, textured formwork
Mobile purpose Thermal insulation of the floors, walls, roofs,
attic, screed , backfilling
Capacity from 6 m3/h (depends on labors productivity)
Transporting the mixture to the place of laying
Vertically up to 20 meters
Horizontally up to 100 meters
Mixer working reservoir capacity 1 m3
Unloading hopper capacity 0,2 m3
Foam generator working air pressure 8 atm
Power consuption kW/h 380/220 7 kW/h
Unloaded weight, kg 1400 kg
Line dimensions 1430*1200*1250 mm